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As part of its mission of fostering Research and Innovation activities to support Europe’s energy transition with the goal to research, develop and demonstrate technologies, services and their integration across all energy carriers and considering grids and storage, the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET), organises Regional Workshops with the aim to: 

  • Allow for national and regional R&I programmes to present their approaches and projects of significant added value as input for the development of roadmaps and implementation plans in Europe,
  • Align thematic priorities of national programmes and the ETIP SNET/BRIDGE Working Groups, describing concrete developments of technologies towards products, services and how they are integrated in demonstrations, identifying unsolved RD&I topics and monitoring the implementation of RD&I activities at national and regional levels in Europe,
  • Ensure consistency between national and European views and stimulate knowledge-sharing between stakeholders of multiple sectors and among European countries,
  • Foster the efficient implementation of RD&I projects with their integration of technologies, services across sectors and energy vectors and create interoperable, reusable, scalable results with impact all over Europe. 

The overall purpose of this event is to link national and regional research, development and innovation (RD&I) to the RDI activities on EU level; specifically, to the ETIP SNET. To that end, the Regional Workshop aims to bring together representatives of national/regional representatives of authorities or funding agencies and coordinators of leading national, regional, EU projects to in identify gaps, common challenges in how national, regional and EU projects and R&I programmes relate to each other and to the higher-level EU R&I roadmaps, in particular the ETIP SNET Roadmap and Implementation Plan. 

The upcoming 16th ETIP SNET Regional Workshop would be held for the Western European Macro-Region (consisting of Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland and UK) and would take place on 28th February  in Bilbao, Spain




28 February 2023
EU Projects Events

Iberdrola Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

Avenida San Adrian, 48 Larraskitu, 48003
Bilbao PV

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